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Prepping for a new Beginning: Safely Removing your Old Garage Door

Whether upgrading an outdated wood door or replacing a damaged steel one, removing the existing door is the necessary first step toward a new installation. As a garage door company serving homeowners throughout Suffolk and Chesapeake, we want the process to go smoothly. Here are some tips for prepping the area and carefully dismantling your old door:

Old Garage Door Removing

Preparation is Key

Before starting, clear anything stored near or under the door. Disconnect your opener if there is one. Using caution tape, cordon off the door area to keep anyone from accidentally walking under while you work above. Protecting yourself and others makes the entire project go more safely.

Removing Panels or Skins

Wood doors will require taking off each panel one by one. On steel doors, detach retaining clips or unbolt skins to take apart the shell section-by-section and lay them flat for haul-away. Be sure to label and organize any hardware, springs, or tracks from the existing door for the installer’s use later on.

Detaching the Torsion or Extension Springs

This is the most dangerous part requiring special equipment, so we recommend leaving it to experienced pros. Garage door springs contain tremendous potential energy and must be safely neutralized before removal. Never loosen cables with the spring still engaged as it can rapidly unwind with force.

Cleanup and Preparation

Once all old components are out, clean and repair the opening if needed. Inspect tracks and mounting areas to note any issues for the installer. Ensure it is debris-free and ready for accurate measuring and fitting of the new door. Keeping things shipshape makes the upcoming installation process go like buttah!

Schedule a Pro Install

Quality companies like ours in Suffolk partner with homeowners to handle every step of the door removal and install process correctly. Feel free to contact us any time for a free estimate on a brand new designer or custom door for your home in Chesapeake.


We do not recommend homeowners attempting to remove or work on garage door springs themselves due to significant safety risks. Springs under high tension can cause very serious injuries if they snap aggressively. Leave the work to certifiedinstallation technicians with the proper tools and training. They will safely release spring tension to avoid any potential for harm.

Most areas have specific guidelines for bulk waste removal. Check with your local waste management for rules on disposal of large items. Otherwise, remove any parts that can be recycled like metal tracks or springs. Leftover wood panels may be repurposed for other projects. Seal up and dispose of the shell as normal trash. Be sure no small loose pieces are left lying around that could injure wildlife if dumped.