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When 15 Years Experience Says It's Time For a Replacement

As a Suffolk-based garage door repair company with over 15 years in the business, we’ve seen just about every type of garage door out there. Over time and with experience, we’ve learned some important tips on when it’s truly time to replace an old garage door rather than keep repairing it. Here are a few signs we commonly see that mean replacement is the better option.

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Worn Out Rollers and Bearings

One of the most used parts on any garage door are the rollers and bearings that the door slides up and down on. Over 15+ years of constant opening and closing, these small but important parts take a real beating. When the rollers are flat on the bottom or making excessive noise and vibration, it’s usually best to replace them. You can only replace rollers so many times before it’s not cost effective anymore. The entire door mechanism relies on smooth rolling, so worn out parts will only lead to more problems down the road.

Broken or Cracked Wood

If you have an older wooden garage door that has seen better days, cracks or breakages are a good indication it’s nearing the end of its lifespan. Wood expands and contracts with changing temperatures and repeated use, which eventually leads to structural weaknesses. Small cracks may be repairable at first, but larger cracks or sections that are splitting off usually mean the integrity of the door is compromised. For safety reasons, a cracked wood door is a replacement job.

Garage Door Doesn't Operate Smoothly

A garage door is a heavy moving object that requires balanced and synchronized operation to open and close properly. Over many years of use, the various mechanisms like rails, hinges, springs and pulleys can become misaligned which causes the door to bind or stick during operation. Constant repair work to bend or adjust these metal components usually just provides a temporary fix, as 15+ years of natural warp and wear can’t be fully reversed. Door operation should be smooth and fluid – chronic sticking or jamming means replacement parts can’t fully remedy the underlying issues.

Excessive Door Repair Costs

It’s not unusual for garage doors to need occasional service or repairs over their lifespan to keep them in good working order. However, when repair bills begin outweighing the original door installation costs, it’s usually more cost effective to invest in a full replacement. Quality new garage doors come with guarantees and we stand behind our work, so you won’t be throwing money away on a previously patched-up door with unknown issues. If you’ve spent close to the purchase price of a new door trying to repair an old one, it’s replacement time.

Outdated/Unavailable Parts

Manufacturers discontinue garage door part production for older obsolete door models. Even common repairs can be impossible on very outdated doors as specific hinges, tracks, springs or other small internal components are no longer made. This happens more often than you may think on 15+ year old doors no longer in production. Their system design was simply made to function with original factory components that are now impossible to source. This essentially renders the door unrepairable if a part fails. Replacement with a new door avoids non-function issues down the road.

General Aging Signs

Beyond functional operation problems, there are visual signs an old garage door has reached the end of its service life. Heavily rusted or decaying metal, peeling/flaking paint, chipped/faded surfaces and general distortion from years of sun exposure indicate it’s time for an aesthetic upgrade as well as functional replacement. 15+ years of weathering really shows on unprotected garage doors. A fresh new door brings your home’s curb appeal up-to-date.

In closing, as a garage door company with over 15 years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand that replacement is usually the better long-term solution once a door reaches its 15 year mark or shows multiple signs of wear. Don’t waste money on repetitive repairs that are only temporary band-aids. Invest in a new reliable door that will function perfectly for many years to come with little maintenance required. Contact us today for a door inspection to assess if yours needs replacement.


A well-built and properly maintained garage door can typically last 15-20 years with regular service and minor repairs. However, factors like climate, usage frequency, material type and original installation quality affect lifespan. Wood doors last the shortest at around 15 years on average. Steel and fiberglass last longer at 15-20 years if protected from elements. Operating issues usually signal the door is nearing the end of its usable life.

The cost to replace a standard single 8’x7′ garage door averages between $1000-$2000 installed, depending on material type and additional features. Steel doors tend to be the most inexpensive at $1050-$3000. Fiberglass and normal wood doors range $1,000-$2,500. High-end carriage style doors or large double-door setups would cost more. This price includes removing the old door, installing a new track and door assembly, and disposal of your old door.