If you want your garage to be cool in summer, you need to ensure that the hot air coming from outside is stopped from entering your garage. It is not just the temperature of the air that can make it hot inside but also the sunlight. Even if that sunlight hits the wall of your garage, it will radiate heat due to its poor insulating nature and make it hot. So, keep the entry points closed and use light-colored materials for the walls and roof of your garage so that they reflect more light and heat when compared to dark colors.


Best Way to Keep Garage Cool

Here are some useful tips for keeping your garage cool in summer:

1) Add a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan can help reduce humidity levels in a garage and keep it cool even in summer. It helps move cooler air into the room while pushing out hot air through the vents at the top of your garage. You can set the fan to rotate counter-clockwise, which will push down cooler air into the room while circulating at least 10 times per minute. A ceiling fan is an energy-efficient way of keeping a reasonably sized garage cool during hot summer days without using too much electricity.

2) Make sure there is proper ventilation

This might seem like a no-brainer, but if you want to keep your garage cool, you will need to make sure there is proper ventilation. This means making sure that it is well-ventilated and that air can move freely through the space.

3) Keep it shaded

Keeping your garage shaded during the hottest parts of the day will help it stay cooler. It will also help protect any items you might be storing in your garage from sun damage. One way to keep your garage shaded is by installing tinted windows or doors on your home so that they block out some of the sun’s rays. You can also plant trees near your house; this will help shade any windows or doors facing south or west sides of the house, which get direct sunlight.